How to Play Prodigy Math Game? How to Build a New Classroom?

Play Prodigy: Prodigy Math is an online game-based learning platform that is engaging, curriculum-aligned, and adaptive. Prodigy makes our curriculum-aligned educational content available to everyone so that we can keep working toward our mission of making learning fun for every student on the planet!

With over 50,000 math problems spanning grades 1 through 8, users will be able to watch their own wizard become stronger, learn new spells, and obtain new equipment while confronting increasingly powerful opponents, all while answering math questions!

  • Almost every school in the United States now offers online learning as an option.
  • Many parents are also using internet education in their home education toolset. 

Play Prodigy

Free To Use

For students, we offer Prodigy Math Membership subscriptions that provide them more character design options, the chance to acquire a bigger number of “pets,” faster leveling, and access to one special zone.

Premium memberships are not necessary to access curriculum-aligned information in-game, and the great majority of our users use the site for free!

Curriculum Alignment

Prodigy’s questions are precisely aligned to a variety of curriculum, ensuring that your kids are receiving content that corresponds to what you’re teaching in class.

By aligned, we mean that we organize all available information by grade level and expectation (or standard) in the same way as your curriculum does. Plus, we’re constantly adding new material!

Here’s where you can learn more about the curriculum we support: Curriculum Alignment.


In order to automatically distribute appropriate material to pupils, Prodigy employs a proprietary algorithm. When a student first starts playing Prodigy Math, they are automatically given a Placement Test to determine which grade level they should begin with.

Following that, we monitor their progress using our curriculum tree to identify which skill they should learn next. We’ll move them to the next grade level if they’re doing well on a topic. If they’re having trouble with skills, we’ll redirect them to a prerequisite so they can practice before giving them another chance.

RPG Style Video Game

Your youngster will play the part of a young wizard in the immersive Prodigy environment in Prodigy Math, which stands for “Role-Playing Game.” When your youngster first starts playing, they’ll make a character to represent themselves in the Prodigy universe. Their character has a unique name, appearance, items, and abilities that will grow as they progress!

Around The World Play Prodigy, A Math Game

Play Prodigy

Millions of kids, parents, and instructors around the world play Prodigy, a math game. The game is intended for students in grades 1 through 8 to play during the school day and at home.

Children build customized wizard characters in this online role-playing game and earn stars and prizes for winning math “battles,” uncovering treasure, and accomplishing a number of non-math objectives throughout the game.

Children can also practice dance skills, talk with other gamers, and rescue cute pets using Prodigy currency.

Prodigy is designed to keep youngsters entertained for extended periods of time, but not for the reasons we might expect. Prodigy isn’t meant to get students enthused about arithmetic; instead, it’s meant to make money.

For schools, Prodigy claims to be “free forever.” Children are encouraged to play a new free version at home after playing one free version in the classroom.

Although officially “free,” this home version bombards youngsters with commercials and uses persistent tactics to get them to urge their parents for “premium” subscriptions, which can cost up to $120 per child per year plus tax. Prodigy also created an “Ultimate” membership in September 2021, which costs over $180 per year and further stratifies membership.

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How to Play Prodigy Math Game?

Prodigy operates in a straightforward manner: children play interactive games, answer math questions, earn points and incentives, and advance to higher levels.

To begin playing the games, students must first log in with their email address and password, as well as the class code provided by their teachers.

They then choose one of the Worlds or Lands that appear on the screen (e.g., Cloudpuff, Grumpus, Flamekeep, Icefields, Animalia, Champion, Dragonfire, Ghosttown, etc).

They can, for example, select the same World as their classmates so that they can compete against one another. Prodigy games are math fights in which students compete against themselves, their classmates, or their friends online. Students must correctly answer math questions in order to win these wars.

There are usually three math questions in each battle. Students grow their gaming power, collect additional pets, and level up as they answer questions. Students can answer the questions using Prodigy’s scratchpad and virtual manipulatives without leaving the game.

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Login to Play Prodigy

Play Prodigy

You can create a teacher account and log in to Prodigy as a teacher. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to Prodigy Math Game for more information.
  • To get started, click the ‘Create your free account today’ option.
  • Choose ‘Teacher’ from the drop-down menu.
  • You can sign up using Google Classroom, Clever, or your email address.
  • Complete the sign-up process by following the instructions.

Students can use one of the following methods to access Prodigy:
1- They can go to the Prodigy Math Game homepage, sign in, and enter the class code by clicking the Play the Game button in the top right-hand corner.
2- Alternatively, people can go to and complete the same steps.

To Play Prodigy Math Game, Build a New Classroom

In Prodigy, teachers may quickly create classes and invite students to participate. The procedure is basic and straightforward. To begin, log in to your instructor account and select Create new class from the left-hand menu. Choose a grade and a name for your class, then click Create classroom. You can also sync with Clever or import your class from Google Classroom. For your class, a code is created automatically and stored under the class name. This code can be used to register pupils.

You may simply create and share assignments with your students, obtain thorough reports about their performance, and match Prodigy to your classroom by creating a class in Prodigy.

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Reporting Tools from Prodigy

Prodigy, in particular, gives you access to the following types of reports:

  • Progress report
  • Placement test report
  • Topic coverage report
  • Curriculum coverage report
  • Student comprehension report
  • Weekly activity report
  • Students usage report

Prodigy gives you the tools you need to keep track of your pupils’ development and evaluate their performance. Students’ performance data is collected and organized into several reports when they play the Prodigy Math Game.

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