Get Discount on Pre-Order of Outriders Worldslayer Co-op Sci-fi Game With Upgrades!

Outriders Worldslayer: The identity of the Outriders Worldslayer has been revealed… We think you’ll agree that it’s looking quite good.

The new game is the ultimate version of the thrilling looter shooter, created for both new and experienced Enoch explorers. It includes all of the original Outriders content, as well as a thrilling campaign, plenty of new gear, great character customization, a whole new endgame, and much more!

Outriders Worldslayer Features Brand New Campaign

Outriders Worldslayer

To begin, let’s go through the basics: Outriders Worldslayer features a brand-new campaign for you to experience. If you’ve played Outriders before, you’ll know that the original endgame required you to complete many expeditions in order to gain control of drop pods. The landing of these drop pods was prompted by events in the initial campaign, and each drop pod bolstered humanity’s hold on the planet, Enoch.

Enoch, on the other hand, was home to a weird phenomenon known as the Anomaly. The Anomaly was the primary menace in the first game, as it evolved all living things on the planet to fight the threat posed by humans and the Outriders.

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Outriders Worldslayer Plot

Your voyages may have strengthened humanity, but the Anomaly has adapted to deal with you as well. The Anomaly has begun to inflict blizzards, frost storms, and flash freezes on the world at the commencement of the Outriders Worldslayer campaign, putting practically everything on the planet in grave peril. The Outriders will have to go to the farthest regions of Enoch in order to discover a solution… while simultaneously battling with a strong new Altered named Ereshkigal.

The quest to preserve humanity from the Anomaly’s climate catastrophe will bring you into contact with Ereshkigal on several occasions, and she will eventually become the main enemy of Outriders Worldslayer.

While the threat posed by the Anomaly has allowed us to deliver a wonderful story with a few twists and turns in the past, we know that players prefer to be challenged by a visible main opponent, so we’re really happy to be able to introduce her. Her own faction of humans on Enoch stands with Ereshkigal to face the player. To put it mildly, the journey ahead will not be easy…

Outriders Worldslayer Gameplay

Outriders Worldslayer

Outriders Worldslayer‘s newly added mechanics, on the other hand, will shine brightly here. This content was created with long-term growth in mind, and we are confident that the new systems will deliver on that promise.

Pax Class Trees

Pax class trees are introduced in Worldslayer, and they are distinct from the existing comprehensive system that players will be accustomed to. Each class has its own Pax class tree, which is divided into two branches that are intertwined.

Progressing through Worldslayer’s main campaign (and beyond!) is required to unlock points to spend in the PAX class tree. After completing key events in Worldslayer, each of the five available points will be unlocked. It’s worth noting that each node in the Pax three is equivalent to the major nodes in the original class trees, thus any changes you make in the Pax tree will have an influence on your Outrider’s performance…

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The Ascension System

The Ascension system is another new feature introduced in Worldslayer. While the maximum character level in Worldslayer remains at 30, Ascension allows you to add another 200 levels to your character. Each time you level up, you’ll gain a point that you can use in the Ascension system to spend in one of four categories, each with five alternatives.

You could, for example, use the Ascension system to maximize your cooldown reduction. Alternatively, you could increase your firepower while also boosting your resistance. The choice is yours, and no decision is permanent thanks to the ability to respec at any moment. The concept behind Ascension is to make every game session worthwhile by constantly improving your strength.

Apocalypse System

Finally, there’s the Apocalypse system, which was just released. To refresh your memory, Outriders’ difficulty is set utilizing “Tiers” systems, which allow each player to fine-tune the entire game to their liking. Higher tiers entail more challenging challenges, but also better rewards and the possibility to equip higher-level items.

Up to 40 Apocalypse Tiers are introduced in Worldslayer, and they may easily be some of the most difficult tasks players will face. Your Max Gear Equip Level will be Level 75 when you reach tier 40, which is the new level cap (25 levels higher than in the original Outriders).

Apocalypse Tiers do more than only enhance difficulty; they also enable Apocalypse Gear drops. Have you ever pondered how Outriders might play if each piece of gear had three modifications instead of only two? Apocalypse Gear does exactly that. When you play on the Apocalypse Tiers, any dropped Epic or Legendary gear has a chance to drop as an Apocalypse Gear version, granting you access to the desired third mod slot.

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Outriders Worldslayer Release Date

Outriders Worldslayer

Outriders Worldslayer will add a tonne of new content, including a new endgame (more on that later) and a slew of new legendary gear items and sets. Check out the Outriders’ social media outlets for more information on anything that has piqued your interest here…

On June 30, Outriders Worldslayer will be released.

Outriders will be available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass for a little longer, but you’ll need to upgrade to the Worldslayer version of the game to access the additional content.

Outriders Worldslayer Pre Order Benefits

Pre-order now to get a 10% discount and 48 hours of early access to this deadly 1-3 person co-op looter shooter with four distinct and highly customizable classes. The original OUTRIDERS game as well as the WORLDSLAYER UPGRADE are included in OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER.

When you pre-order, you’ll get the original OUTRIDERS game right away. At launch, you’ll get the Worldslayer Upgrade. OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER is a vicious co-op looter shooter for 1-3 players set in a unique dark sci-fi environment.

On June 30, 2022, OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER UPGRADE will be released. Pre-orders will begin on April 21, 2022. At launch, you’ll get the Worldslayer Upgrade. Owners of OUTRIDERS can upgrade to the new WORLDSLAYER content with the WORLDSLAYER UPGRADE.

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