Master & Dynamic MW08 Is A Great Quality Device! Explained!

A distinctive, opulent listening experience is provided by the Master & Dynamic MW08.

In the truly wireless headphone market.

The MW08 are elegantly designed, simple to use, and has great sound.

Even if they don’t have all the capabilities that the competition offers.

The MW08’s basic user experience is so excellent that anyone looking for great sound.

And a satisfying tactile experience will fall in love with it.

Master & Dynamic MW08: Holistic Review

The Master & Dynamic MW08is the replacement for the MW07 from 2018.

Builds on the successful design of its predecessor while modernising the user interface.

With a new app, enhanced ANC, longer battery life, and new materials.

The earbuds feel special, unlike the mass-produced, inexpensive true wireless earbuds.

And the sound quality, active noise cancellation, and battery life are all superb.

Overall, the MW08 is great. Although they still have a similar appearance to the MW08.

Their successors are now made of ceramic and stainless steel.

Master & Dynamic MW08

The only major criticisms are that there is no multipoint pairing and the software is subpar.

But neither of these is a deal-breaker.

The Master & Dynamic MW08 are still some of the best true wireless earbuds currently on the market.

Despite lacking some of the capabilities of its rivals and costing more than most.

Pricing And Accessibility

The Master & Dynamic MW08 costs $299 (£279, roughly AU$540) right now.

Although Master & Dynamic’s website indicates that shipments of the earphones won’t begin.

Until April 29, 2021, we were given a review sample before that date.

The Jabra Elite 85t is more competitively priced at $229 / £219.99 and has more features.

But it can’t match it in terms of sound or build quality.

However, you might also consider the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2.

Which costs the same ($299 / £279 / AU$499.95).

The Sennheiser headphones offer superior ANC, while the Master & Dynamic headphones have longer total battery life.

Both speakers have outstanding sound quality, however, the Sennheisers have a little edge in terms of detail.

The Momentum True Wireless are substantially larger.

Therefore those with small ears will benefit from the MW08’s reduced size.

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Master & Dynamic MW08: Design

The MW08’s design is very recognizable.

Because it essentially resembles the MW07 but is lighter and smaller, improving comfort.

The stabiliser “wings” that frequently detach from the MW07 are no longer present.

Even as we were jumping and running around, the earbuds themselves stayed in our ears.

Because of their small size and lightweight. However, your results may vary there.

Master & Dynamic MW08

The charging case for the MW08 now comes in three new finishes:

The matte black coated stainless steel we have for our review device,

The traditional high-polish stainless steel, and newly polished graphite.

This is the biggest visual change.

If you’re concerned about scratches, go with the matte black version rather than the polished stainless.

There are four pre-configured colour combinations.

Therefore it’s a shame that customers can’t mix and match the colour of their earphones with the colour of the case.

Master & Dynamic continues to lead the industry in terms of construction quality.

The earphones seem upscale, and the charging case feels like it was milled from a single piece of stainless steel.

The updated ceramic on the earphones is scratch-resistant, but they now attract fingerprints.

If fingerprints irritate you, you should bring a microfiber cloth with you to polish them.

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Master & Dynamic MW08: Features

With the MW08, Master & Dynamic has thankfully kept the exemplary physical controls.

The left earbud still features a volume rocker that also serves as a button to enable it.

Or disable ambient listening and active noise cancellation.

A single button on the right earbud manages playback, power, and pairing.

The fact is that each earbud has an optical sensor to recognise when it has been removed from your ears.

And pause the audio is also a good feature.

If you don’t want this feature, you can turn it off in the app.

However, it does contribute to power conservation.

The MW08 still lacks multipoint pairing.

This means you’ll have to put the earphones in pairing mode each time you want to move to a new device, which disappointed us.

Master & Dynamic MW08

If you want to utilise the MW08 with several devices, such as your phone, tablet, and laptop.

This is an unpleasant experience.

The earphones can be set in pairing mode by pressing.

And holding the right earbud for three seconds while holding it out of your ear.

Sound Quality

We were enamoured with the sound quality of the MW07 and remain so with the MW08.

The headphones now have a 1mm bigger driver, which improves dynamics and bass response.

Particularly in the mid-bass, the headphones’ tone tuning tends to the warmer side.

This indicates that the headphones never sound tiring and give your music more body.

Highs have a good extension, but the top is rolled off, which lessens the shine that some people would prefer.

Overall, the MW08’s little tendency toward warmth makes it enjoyable to listen to for extended periods.

The sound quality is unaffected by ANC, ambient listening, or ANC off.

Which is fantastic because the headphones sound the same in each setting.

Friends and relatives note that the voice quality on phone calls is excellent, with crystal-clear audio.

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