Kao The Kangaroo (2022) A Third-Person 3D Action Platformer Release Date!

Kao The Kangaroo (2022) Players control Kao the Kangaroo as he moves and jumps across obstacles and suspended platforms in a variety of environments in Kao the Kangaroo, a third-person 3D action platformer. He may use his boxing gloves to battle adversaries and explore hidden places for collectibles.

Set in an anthropomorphic animal world, Kao, a kangaroo fighter, embarks on a quest to find his missing sister, Kaia, and learn the mysteries of his long-lost father. To do so, he must first defeat the world’s legendary “fighting masters,” who is inspired by a dark power, and then confront the formidable Eternal Warrior, who threatens the world’s balance.

Kao The Kangaroo (2022) Game Plot

kao the kangaroo (2022)


Kao The Kangaroo is a 3D platformer from Tate Multimedia, starring a spunky, cocky, but adorable Kao The Kangaroo (Hey, exactly like in the title!) on a quest to discover the truth about his father’s disappearance.


Kao will go through a range of beautifully drawn locations, each with its own set of secrets to discover. Kao is confronted with unexpected problems at every turn. He’ll have to employ all of his skills while also learning some new ones, some of which aren’t quite natural in the world he lives in! The journey, not the destination, is what defines us, as the saying goes.

Kao The Kangaroo is a leaping, thumping, puzzle-solving, and collecting game that is inspired by the heyday of 3D platformers while also building on Kao’s 21-year legacy. A brand-new spectacular journey with all the charm you’d expect from Kao himself, not just the genre!

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‘THE CAST’ is a play about a group of people who come together to Kao’s lovely and bright world is teeming with colorful characters who are eager for you to meet them… and, in certain circumstances, defeat them! The cast of Kao The Kangaroo is as diverse as it is memorable, ranging from wise mentors to inquisitive inventors to big old bullies!


Kao will face numerous challenges in his path. Strikers who are quick and nimble, brutes who are slow and ponderous, and everything in between. To vanquish those who stand in his way, Kao will have to use everything he’s learned…

THE GLOVES are a pair of gloves that are worn on the hands.

Kao’s paws are covered in weird, captivating, long-buried gloves that are pulsating with power that has yet to be fully unleashed. They’ll be an important part of Kao’s journey, assisting him in fending off enemies and traversing the globe. Will the entire extent of their influence ever be known? Kao is on a mission to find out.


Explore a wide variety of unique and stunning interactive worlds, each with its own set of obstacles, adversaries, riddles, and secrets! As Kao proceeds on his trip, jump, climb, dive, and ride your way through wonderfully realistic surroundings!

Kao The Kangaroo (2022) Development

kao the kangaroo (2022)

Tate Multimedia, who previously created every other title in the Kao series, is developing and publishing Kao the Kangaroo. The game was announced in June 2020, coinciding with the series’ 20th anniversary, with the first concept art and information appearing the following September.

Work on the game began immediately after the series’ second installment, Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2, was re-released on Steam in 2019 in response to a viral #BringKaoBack campaign.

Tate Multimedia was taken aback by the platform’s game sales, prompting them to develop a new installment. A remake of the third game in the series, Mystery of the Volcano, and a combat-focused game featuring a much older Kao were among the ideas prototyped by the team. “It’s an entirely fresh perspective on the story and on the character,” Tate Multimedia publishing president Kaja Borówko said of the project’s revival.

A short gameplay film showing early footage of Kao in a jungle scene followed the announcement. Unreal Engine 4 is being used by Tate Multimedia to create Kao. Although the game was supposed to be released in 2021, the makers decided to postpone it until 2022. In addition to the PC version, the game will be released this summer for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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Kao the Kangaroo Characteristics

kao the kangaroo (2022)

Kao the Kangaroo is a gorgeous 3D platformer full of adventure, exploration, and mystery! Join Kao, the fiery furball, on an epic mission to solve the mysteries surrounding his father’s absence. He’ll travel through diverse settings that are full of dangers, riddles, and enemies. Each turn reveals a new clue while also revealing a hidden world beneath the surface.

  • Kao the Kangaroo is a love letter to the golden age of 3D platformers, with pulsating platforming action, fantastic combat, and more!
  • Beautiful and colorful worlds brimming with secrets and entertainment are just waiting to be discovered.
  • A memorable array of people, both good and bad, that bring the world to life!
  • Join Kao in an epic quest to find his absent father while learning about himself in the process.
  • Master and learn the truth about the ancient elemental abilities hidden within a pair of mystical boxing gloves.
  • Gameplay that is accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages!
  • Unique boss bouts, each with its own style and attack, will put Kao’s skills to the test!
  • Kao, the cheeky, determined, and feisty furball, starts on a life-changing quest in this character-driven 3D platformer.

Kao The Kangaroo (2022) Release Date

Tate Multimedia’s Kao the Kangaroo is an upcoming platform video game that will be released on 27, May 2022 for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s the franchise’s fourth installment, a reboot of the series, and the first title since 2005’s Kao the Kangaroo: Mystery of the Volcano.

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The series, which began in 2000 on the SEGA Dreamcast and ended in 2005 with the release of Kao the Kangaroo: Mystery of the Volcano on Windows, went inactive. In Kao’s largest adventure yet, the new game looks to revive the brand with fresh visuals.

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