An Update Tipped Of By Nintendo Developer On New Fire Emblem Game!

An insider from Nintendo gives an update on the suspected upcoming Fire Emblem game being developed at Intelligent Systems.

Fire Emblem Awakening is a tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It was published in Japan in April 2012 and globally in 2013. It is the thirteenth game in the Fire Emblem series and the first on the Nintendo 3DS system.

Like previous Fire Emblem games, the gameplay focuses on tactical character movement throughout a grid-based battlefield and combating enemy forces. Other elements include the ability to develop and build relationships between characters in order to improve their powers, selectable difficulty levels, a mode that prevents characters from dying permanently, and numerous camera viewpoints in battle.

fire emblem awakeing

The Making of Fire Emblem The development of Awakening began in 2010, with several Fire Emblem series veterans playing significant development positions. Intelligent Systems was in charge of development, with Nintendo providing oversight. Awakening was created as the likely final iteration in the series, with features from all prior Fire Emblem games merged, due to the series’ diminishing sales with previous installments.

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Because the 3DS is still being fine-tuned by developers, the team decided on content and graphics based on what they thought was possible with the resources they had. Some gameplay options and proposals, such as the option to disable permanent character death, sometimes known as “permadeath,” a feature of the Fire Emblem franchise, were met with conflicting reactions.


The player begins Fire Emblem Awakening as one of the game’s key characters, a customizable Avatar. While the character’s default name is Robin, the player can change their name, gender, hair color, feature kinds, and voice. Casual Mode and Classic Mode are the two game modes. Characters who are vanquished in battle in Classic Mode are permanently dead and cannot be used for the rest of the game.

The player can prevent permanent character deaths in Casual Mode. Fallen units are restored after the combat is over, with permanent death deactivated. The player receives a “Game Over” notice and must resume the game if Chrom or the Avatar character dies in battle in any mode.

There are three standard difficulty levels in the game: Normal, Hard, and Lunatic. After completing the game on Lunatic mode, a fourth difficulty level, Lunatic+, is unlocked.  At the start of a new game, the playing mode and difficulty level are chosen.

Recent updates on Fire Emblem Awakening

Nintendo revealed a whole new Fire Emblem game was in production during the most recent Nintendo Direct event, but it wasn’t what fans expected. Rather than a standard turn-based strategy Fire Emblem game, Nintendo revealed Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, a Musou spin-off of Fire Emblem:

re emblem awakening

Three Houses based on the Dynasty Warriors titles. Those hoping for a conventional Fire Emblem experience may be disappointed by the news, but if a reliable Nintendo insider is to be believed, a new main series Fire Emblem game is on the way.

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A key Nintendo insider has revealed a major update on the next Fire Emblem game, which is to say, not the next mainline Fire Emblem game, about which there is still no official word, but Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, a spin-off due out this summer on Nintendo Switch.

More precisely, the news comes from Samus Hunter on Twitter, who announced that more game info and media will be released this month. They’ve teased some of the more specific elements that all of this information and media will expose ahead of time. And, if the rumors are true, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will resemble Fire Emblem: Three Houses a lot more than its initial reveal suggested.

Samus Hunter goes on to say that players will notice a “major difference” in the tale at the start of the game, which is how and why Byleth is with all three Lords. They also claim that the monastery “is a little different,” that you may still chat and educate pupils, that battalions remain in the game, and that supports and pair-up features will return.

According to Nintendo insider Emily Rogers, Intelligent Systems is working on a new Fire Emblem game. Rogers characterizes the game as a “wild card,” with a release date of October 2022 or early 2023 being a possibility. The game is “almost finished with its development,” according to Rogers, and has been in the works at Intelligent Systems and a support studio for over three years.

Review of Fire Emblem Awakening

More than 20 years ago, Fire Emblem was the game that effectively launched the tactical role-playing game genre in Japan, and it has since developed into a flourishing and complicated niche. While some pioneering games struggle to evolve with the genres they helped create, Fire Emblem: Awakening masterfully incorporates many of the best components of modern strategic RPGs into its original, time-tested model.

As a result, the game sets a new bar for the franchise and is one of the most interesting and enjoyable 3DS games to date.

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Advanced combat data, such as the likelihood of your companions performing guards or follow-up attacks, is difficult to get across and isn’t displayed at all in the usual pre-engagement displays. Given the robustness of the StreetPass capabilities and the history of multiplayer in portable Fire Emblem games, the local multiplayer is equally disappointing.

It comprises of three units from each player’s team fighting a group of foes one-on-one in order for items and renown points in cooperative encounters. Local multiplayer is absurdly limiting when compared to the full-fledged fights and transactions that Street Pass delivers.

Despite this, finding obvious issues in Fire Emblem: Awakening is tough. Awakening is the best chapter of this renowned series in a long time, thanks to the entertaining, tactical fighting, character-driven interactions, and a stronger sense of freedom. This gaming jewel should not be overlooked by anyone searching for a terrific strategy game or a long, fascinating journey suited for on-the-go sessions.

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