Fix “Error Connecting to Server.Please Try Again” on Omegle

OmegleError Connecting to Server.Please Try Again : Omegle is a great website to meet strangers online,There are more than 20,000 different users from different countries where you can randomly meet anyone from a completely different part of the world.But sometimes when you are trying to access omegle,It’ll give you an Error which says “Error Connecting to server.Please Try Again” in most of the cases it happens when your IP Address is banned by Omegle for some reason.

Here’s how to Fix Error Connecting to Server.Please Try Again Error :

There used to be Omegle Support before where you could chat with them and ask the support team,but the support team is no longer available.They have discontinued the support option.

The only way this problem gets resolved is,If you change your IP Address and your IP Address can be changed by using a VPN.

Note : Not all VPN’s work,VPN’s like Zenmate and Hola will not work i have tested it personally and i have tested almost every location on Hola and Zenmate VPN’s and everytime it showed me same error.


Out of all the VPN’s we have tested VYPR VPN is one of the best VPN that have more than 100+ Countries and 200+ Unique IP Address

  • First of All,Go to VYPR VPN and choose any plan (Normally 4.70$ / Month – You’ll get 25% off if you sign up using below Link)

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  • Once you Signed up,Download and Install the Vypr VPN Application on your Device (Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android – Supports all)

Download VYPR VPN

  • Enter your Login Details that you have used while registration.
  • Select a country that has Fast Ping Rate,You can sort by clicking on “Ping” to see countries that have Fast Ping Rate.

  • Select Any Country and click “Connect”

Now you’ll be able to Fix “Error Connecting to Server.Please Try Again” Error on Omegle

Below you can see the Image of Omegle Working after i have used a VPN

If you still get error,After you have followed all the steps,Do the following :

1.Close your Browser and re-open the browser and you should see Omegle working Smoothly.

2.Clean your Browser Cache

3.If two of the above methods don’t work,Choose a different location