Eco Remote From Samsung Is Amazing! Explained!

The new Samsung Eco Remote Control will be included in the company’s 2021 portfolio of 4K and 8K QLED TVs.

According to Samsung, the new remote control will “save tonnes of plastic trash every year” and will enhance the company’s efforts to lessen its negative influence on the environment.

The front of the Eco Remote Control is identical to that of any of Samsung’s TV clickers that have been released in recent years.

Eco Remote

But if you turn it over, you’ll notice that it has a lengthy panel of solar cells along the back that can charge the battery that’s already inside.

The remote consists of 31 grammes of plastic, and Samsung claims that “from recycled polyethene terephthalate,” 28 per cent of that total, is used in its construction.

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What About Battery Backup?

According to Samsung, you should be able to use the Eco Remote Control for a period of up to two years before the battery dies and requires a full recharge.

The internal rechargeable battery is intended to have an overall lifespan of approximately seven years, which is roughly equivalent to the typical lifespan of a single TV.

That will unquestionably save you from having to purchase a plethora of AAA batteries over the years, and the decrease in plastic waste is significant as well.

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If you find that you need to charge the remote more quickly for any reason, there is a USB-C port located on the underside of the device.

It Is Environment-Friendly Product!

In 2021, Samsung will also keep working on improving its environmentally friendly packaging.

“Samsung offers a sustainable solution that can upcycle up to 200,000 tonnes of boxes annually and turn them into items of home decor.

Eco Remote

This is made possible by eliminating oil-based ink and expanding eco-friendly packaging to all Lifestyle and QLED TV models,” according to the company’s website.

After you have unpacked your new television, there is a QR code on the packaging that you can scan to access instructions on how to repurpose the packaging into something that you might wish to preserve.

In a competition that was run in collaboration with Dezeen, Samsung challenged participants to think of creative uses for the cardboard boxes that their products came in.

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What About The Earlier Version?

In an earlier version of this article, the lifespan of the remote control was claimed to be two years.

Eco Remote

This was because Samsung’s promotional materials said that the remote “may be used for up to two years.”

The manufacturer has specified that the built-in battery has a potential lifespan of up to seven years, which is in line with the typical lifespan of a television set.

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