Things That Make People To Buy Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds

In an awkwardly large casing, good sound quality and best-in-class noise cancellation are combined.

Improved sound begins with improved silence. QuietComfort Earbuds feature the world’s most effective noise cancellation and high-fidelity audio, as well as StayHearTM Max tips for added comfort. Because when you remove all distractions, your music, as well as your passion, takes center stage. Roller skating, street art, woodworking, and anything else that defines who you are. It’s an experience that no other wireless earbud can match.

The SoundSport Free, the first truly wireless earbuds, sounded great but were hampered by connectivity issues and audio/video sync issues that the firm never fully remedied. They also lacked active noise cancellation, which is what Bose’s entire brand is predicated on. With items like the AirPods Pro and WF-1000XM3 earphones, Apple, Sony, and others were able to take the market.

quietcomfort earbuds bose

But Bose is fed up with losing ground to its rivals. The QuietComfort Earbuds are free of the difficulties that come with the SoundSport Free buds thanks to their fully redesigned design. They still sound great, and now they have ANC. The QuietComfort Earbuds from Bose took a long time to arrive, but they now offer the finest noise cancellation available in truly wireless earbuds.

Years of Investigation There Was Complete Quiet

Our silicone ear tips are comfortable and passively block some noise. Our Acoustic Noise CancellingTM technology, on the other hand, provides true silence. Environmental sounds are monitored by microphones buried in the earbuds, which then emit the opposite signal to counteract the noise. It’s a technology that we’ve spent decades studying. However, the advantage is felt in a fraction of a second.

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From a State of Silence to a State of Awareness  All It Takes Is a Double-Tap

Our Acoustic Noise CancellingTM technology mutes the world around you in Quiet Mode, allowing you to hear and feel every aspect of your music. However, there are times when you need to be able to hear what’s going on around you. With a simple double-tap on the left earbud, you may easily switch to Aware Mode.

Aware Mode with ActiveSenseTM technology is now available on Earbuds, allowing you to hear both your music and your surroundings at the same time. And if the sounds around you get too loud, ActiveSenseTM adjusts the amount of noise cancellation to bring them down to a more comfortable level. As a result, you’ll be able to hear all you need to hear at a comfortable and balanced volume.

You’re Going to Adore What You Hear

The groundbreaking breakthroughs and proprietary acoustic construction of QuietComfort® Earbuds allow you to hear everything you love in high-fidelity audio, no matter how loud or soft you play it. That isn’t a trivial matter. When you turn down the volume on most earphones, the bass disappears, leaving your music feeling tinny and little. With our volume-optimized Active EQ, we were able to fix this problem. No matter how loud or soft you listen, it amplifies highs and lows for consistent balance.

Ease That’s Not Going Anywhere

Soft silicone, not hard plastic, covers every surface that comes into contact with your ear. StayHearTM Max tips (three sizes supplied) keep your earbuds in place while you move. For comfort, stability, and passive noise reduction, an umbrella-shaped nozzle uniformly distributes pressure throughout your ear. All the while, an expanded fin tucks into your ear’s ridge for a more secure fit.

quietcomfort earbuds bose

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Controls Through Tapping, Touching, and Swiping

These sophisticated earphones are easy to control thanks to seamless capacitive movements. Change the volume, toggle between noise cancellation and Aware Mode, and take phone calls. With just a few swipes and touches, you can do it all. Simply pop them out once you’ve finished listening.  Earbuds detect movement and instantly pause your audio.

Clearer Conversations Can Be Found Anywhere

Tiny mics buried in the right earbud work together to reject noise and ensure you always sound clear—whether you’re taking calls from a crowded house or outside on the go. The microphones concentrate on the sound of your voice while filtering out much of the ambient noise and wind.

Regardless of the Weather

Regardless of the weather,  Earbuds are designed for people who are constantly on the move. They have an IPX4 grade for durability, and the ports have specially constructed acoustic mesh to keep moisture and debris out.

Repeat the Process of Playing, Storing, and Charging

On a single charge, you can listen for up to 6 hours. Then, when you’re finished, place them in the case for two more full charges. When it’s time to recharge, use the provided USB-C cable or any Qi-certified wireless charging mat to do it (not included).

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Even if they aren’t the most discreet or slimline, Bose’s StayHear Max ear tips, which include an integrated, flexible silicone wing that tucks into the ridge of the ear for increased stability, make the QuietComfort Earbuds feel nice in my ears. Both the medium and big ear tips worked well for me and provided a tight seal, but I felt that combining the two provided the most extended comfort. (There’s a reason why manufacturers recommend it.

quietcomfort earbuds bose

Once they’re in place, the QuietComfort Earbuds aren’t going anywhere, and I’d be confident taking them for a run or through an intense gym routine. They’re rated IPX4 for water and sweat resistance, so sweat and the occasional splash of water should be fine, but avoid rainstorms.

One thing worth mentioning is the occlusion effect; since Bose didn’t go for a vented design like the AirPods Pro or Pixel Buds with natural airflow, if you have a very tight seal with the QuietComfort Earbuds in, your inside voice might sound louder than normal, and in silent environments, you can hear yourself breathing.

I noticed this when I first started using them, but it’s since gone away — either because the fit changed slightly or I’ve gotten used to it. Some people are more sensitive to this stuff than others.

The integrated volume controls were added a few months after the QuietComfort Earbuds were first released, and you must first enable them in the Bose Music app before using them – otherwise, nothing will happen. The swipes to control loudness haven’t caused me any issues, so it’s a welcome feature. However, the earbud controls still don’t allow you to return to the previous song.

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