Cashierless Tech of Amazon Go to be Installed at Whole Foods Next Year

Whole Foods Market

According to some gossip floating around the tech industry, Amazon is likely to test its cashierless technology at Whole Foods stores, says New York Post. The cashierless technology is currently under operation at Go convenience stores of Amazon.

New York Post speculates that the cashierless tech will be installed at Whole Foods stores across the country from the second quarter of next year. Currently, almost twenty Amazon Go stores have this technology. The unique futuristic tech allows customers to go shopping without having to go through tedious cashier checkout lines. Tech, like computer vision, sensors, and cameras, is used to make the transaction secure and effortless. 

Jeff Wilke, who is CEO of Amazon’s Consumer division, is handling this project. Whole Foods supermarket chain’s transition into a cashierless venue is one of the last two projects of Wilke, who’s going to retire from his position in 2021. 

Amazon tested the waters for Amazon Go by rolling it out for the Amazon employees in 2016, the public launch took place in 2018. Amazon acquired Whole Foods in 2017. When Dilip Kumar, Amazon Go Vice President, was asked about his plans and intentions to integrate this tech into the Whole Foods chain, he denied any such plans. 

The futuristic thing that you experience with this cashierless tech is that you walk into the Go store and pick any item you want and walk out. However, this all sounds interesting and great. Nobody is paying attention to the future danger it possesses: replacing human cashiers/staff with machines

The company is planning to sell this tech to mainstream retailers across the globe in the upcoming future. This dystopian move has already been receiving backlash from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union as it threatens the employment of over millions of people. 

We tried to reach out to Amazon for the comment on the whole issue, but they declined to respond to it. What do you think about it? Do you think it will be disastrous for all? Drop the comments to let us know your opinions. 

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