9 Websites to Watch Free Movies Online – Legally

Watch Free Movies Online : Government agencies around the world are cracking down on the illegal movie downloading sites, Last year most of the sites went down due to DMCA and owners some popular sites decided to shut it down for good reasons. Piracy had cost too much loss to the producers and film makers around the world in millions of dollars. We also recommend you to stay off illegal sites where the free movies are hosted. It could contain malicious codes inside it and might land you in trouble for using it.

There are plenty of sites where you can watch movies online for free. We have listed some of the websites where you can watch free movies online.

9 Websites to Watch Free Movies Online


YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best sites to watch free movies online. YouTube is home to millions of videos, Everyday thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube including Movies, Sports, Music, Vlogs, Cooking content and lot more. 80% of the time movies on YouTube are available for free. Sometimes you need to pay for the movie usually 1-2$ depending on the fees the uploader has decided. Once the movie is released in theaters the movie is released by the film makers after a certain time on YouTube to get more audience to watch their movie.


DailyMotion is considered as the best alternate to YouTube, Sometimes the movies you didn’t find on YouTube can be found on DailyMotion also, Some content creators argues that DailyMotion partner program pays better than YouTube which is the reason why the creators choose DailyMotion to let you watch movies online for free.


Vimeo is yet another website where you can watch free movies online, Also on Vimeo one can find High Definition videos and less advertisements. The only drawback of Vimeo is sometimes the buffering speed is slow and most of the time it works very well. You can watch all kinds of movies on Vimeo such as Action, Drama, Comedy and it is very similar to YouTube.


Tamil Rockers

PopCornFlix is one of the popular website to watch movies online free. The website is available only in certain parts of the world such as USA,UK,Canada and Australia. Popcornflix has a huge collection of Hollywood movies and American TV Shows. There are about more than 2000 Movies and TV shows listed on the Popcornflix, mostly classic movies. Popcornflix is a great choice if you are looking for Classic American Movies.


TubiTV is yet another great app to watch free movies online, It was launched recently and gained a lot of popularity. If you are looking for Latest movies online, then TubiTV is your go to place. Simply, register on TubiTV and start watching movies online for free. There are many genres available on TubiTV such as Horror,Comedy,Drama,Romance etc. The best thing about TubiTV is you can watch movies online on your android / iOS device by installing TubiTV app.


Showbox is one of the best app on Android Device to watch HD movies online for free on your Android / iOS device. Showbox has collections of hundreds of Movies and TV Shows of all genres. To get started on Showbox just install the showbox app in your device and start watching movies online for free.

7Top Documentary Films

If you are a Documentary lover like me, Top Documentary Films is what you are looking for. Top Documentary Films is regarded as one of the best website to watch documentaries online. It is embeds Documentary from YouTube and other sources on the website and the interface is also very clean without any distracting ads. Top Documentary Films updates the directory everyday with hundreds of Documentaries from all languages.


If you are looking for Indian Movies, Hotstar is what you are looking for. HotStar has collection of all Indian movies. Additionally, it also has sports section where you can play watch Sports. HotStar works on Freemium model meaning some of the movies are free, while some needs subscription to watch free movies online.


SnagFilms is a great place to watch free online movies. SnagFilms has content related to History, Veterans and lot more. SnagFilms is accessible from only some countries such as USA,UK,Canada,Australia. SnagFilms has some interesting movies to watch it has documentaries from World War and lot of information about history.


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