Mangum Methodist Youth Clean-Up Jaybuckle Springs

Mangum Methodist Youth

With the news photo and article about the “mess” left at JBuckle near Reed the youth of Mangum 1st United Methodist Church decided this month’s mission activity would be to roll up their sleeves. They picked up trash, cleaned, and rake the area. Then they set a wire enclosed trash receptacle large enough for anyone to see. As you might have noted in previous newspapers, J Buckle is a clear spring that has flowed for years and should be preserved and cared for. As those who have been raised in western Oklahoma know, the precious resource of water should never be contaminated with trash.


Greer County Residents Asked to Participate in Survey

Residents of Greer County will soon have an opportunity to tell what they think is right or wrong with the community through a “Community Attitude Survey” according to an announcement today by Cheryl Lively, Chair of Greer County Partnerships Achieving Wellness (PAW) coalition. The questionnaire covers nearly every aspect of the community including residents perceptions of quality of live in Greer County, important factors of a healthy community, health problems, risky behaviors, and most needed services.


Greer County Needs More Foster Families

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) desperately needs more foster parents in Greer County. Foster families are needed to give children a safe, loving home while their families get help. Greer County has 30 children in foster care and only seven traditional foster homes. Lori was raised in a family who fostered children in state custody; therefore, it seemed like a natural way of life to her. “I grew up around foster children. As a child, it made me realize how blessed I was. As an adult, it has made me a better person,” Lori said.


Harmon County Miss Cotton Country Pageant Winners

2016 Miss Cotton Country

The 12th annual Miss Cotton Country pageant was held on Saturday evening, October 8th in the Hollis High School auditorium. The contestants competed in interview, casual wear and evening gown. The four winners received a crown, trophy, sash and gift. The winner of the Miss Cotton Country also received a cash scholarship and scholarship offers from WOSC and SWOSU. The following we crowned winners in the various age groups: Miss Cotton Country 2016 – Rachel Reeves, Mangum, OK. Daughter of Jim & Junita Reeves: Tiny Miss Cotton Country 2016 – Hannah Cress, Hollis, OK.